Winsor & Newton 12/18/24 Water Color Set High Quality Solid Watercolor Paints Pigment Set

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Established in 1820, Winsor & Newton is a trusted brand that offers top of the line art supplies to all Artists.

*This art set was designed for anyone that wants to start painting or as a gift set! High quality at GREAT price!

*Makes an excellent gift to ANY Artist!

*All set comes with:

  1. Plastic Palette
  2. Imitation Ceramic palette
  3. 5 Watercolor brushes
  4. 1 hook line brush
  5. 12/18/24 Winsor & Newton Water Color paints
  6. Water color paper book
  7. Portable bucket water




Paint Brand Name: Winsor & Newton

Art Accessories Brand Name: BGLN

Type: Water Color Paints

Packaging: Set

Age: >6 years old

Type: water color paints


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