Paint Palette Superior Moisturizing Watercolor Professional Plastic Watercolor Art Palette Supplies paleta acuarela

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*Perfect size palettes for your particular needs!

*Keep your paint protected! Moisturizing paint palette is suitable for Watercolor paints AND other water type (Aqueous) paint

*Unique design! Great way to show off your style while you paint!

*Removable tray for easy washing!

(NOTE: After use, please use soft cotton or tissue to wipe to avoid surface scratches)



Brand: Superior

Shape: Rectangle

Name: Small umbrella bags sketchpad

Material: Plastic



Name: MT-002-32grid 

Weight: 397g (14ounce)

Size: 354*175*26mm (14*6.9*1inch)

Color: Blue, Silver


Name: MT-003-33grid 

Weight: 482g (17ounce)

Size: 320*158*30mm (12.6*6.2*1.2inch)

Color: Blue, Silver


Name: MT-004-38grid 

Weight: 482g (17ounce)

Size: 377*186*33mm (14.8*7.3*1.3inch)

Color: Blue, Silver


Name: MT-005-50grid 

Weight: 568g (20ounce)

Size: 360*230*32mm (14*9*1.26inch)

Color: Blue, Silver


Name: MT-006-18grid 

Weight: 361g (12.7ounce)

Size: 270*128*25mm (10.6*5*1inch)

Color: Blue, Silver, Pink


Name: MT-007-23grid 

Weight: 365g (12.9ounce)

Size: 335*231*31mm (13.2*9*1.2inch)

Color: White

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