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    I want to start the first of this new monthly article by saying Welcome and Thank You! We at Athena’s Artistry (named after our daughter) come from a family of Artists. My wife and business partner is an amazing artist specializing in painting and sketching, while I am more focused on physical art, such as photography, writing, and wood working. We both grew up in very artistic families and have enjoyed art since we were children. My father, whom is also an art lover, is a traditionally untrained artist who can paint and sketch life like images by just looking at a person, landscape or a photograph. My older brother and many of my other close relatives were gifted with this talent as well. The reason I mention this is because many of my close friends and family, whom are artists, have similar complaints: “Art supplies are too expensive” and “Low cost supplies are usually very cheaply made!” Many of them actually wait to go to their local art stores when supplies are on sale or wait until “Black Friday” to buy their supplies in bulk. For this reason, we at Athena's Artistry want to help art lovers around the world, by providing them with access to purchase amazing art supplies at low-prices, all year-round. Furthermore, we all agree that Art is a very psychological soothing form of expression that should be expressed more thoroughly in today’s society, especially since most people are continuously exposed to so many stress-triggering events, jobs, etc.

    Our objective at Athena’s Artistry is to provide art lovers the tools they need at fantastic prices all year round, in order for them to enjoy their creative nature anytime they want. As we grow, know that your patronage will go to the development and expansion of our own branded products, that we plan to develop through various testing sessions and customize by using the feedback we receive from customers and any partnered artists. In short, our mission is to create quality products at very reasonable prices. Our long term goal however, is so much grander.

    We have noticed a disturbing trend of children being deterred from the arts due to a variety of reasons but mostly due to costs and yet there is a significant rise in young children with mental disorders that are prescribed medications, in order to subside these “disorders”. We don’t see this as a coincidence. A study by the Southhampton (UK): NIHR Journals Library revealed the conclusions of a clinical research that: From the limited number of studies identified, in patients with different clinical profiles, art therapy was reported to have statistically significant positive effects compared with control in a number of studies. The symptoms most relevant to the review question which were effectively targeted in these studies were depression, anxiety, low mood, trauma, distress, poor QoL, inability to cope and low self-esteem (1). Based on this information, some of our intentions are to:

  • Use a portion of the profits of Athena’s Artistry to promote art as a therapeutic solution or an outlet to relieve their stresses.
  • Donate art supplies to children’s hospitals and low income schools.
  • Help encourage others to do the same in order to teach and encourage art.
We believe that artists are some of the greatest conceptual thinkers and that by encouraging the exposure of art to children, we are not only assisting in the reduction of the mental disorder epidemic, but also encouraging a new generation of conceptual/critical thinkers.

     We are currently working hard on testing and designing our first name-brand product! We will continue to update you on the details! Those that sign up before its release will receive a 25% discount! 

    We will continue to update our blog with great tips, articles, upcoming sales, and art-connected news! So if you are just as passionate as we are, please subscribe to our site and follow us on our social media pages! If you want to help us grow our business, please visit our Kickstarter and/or Patreon pages to see how you can be part of our mission! We deeply appreciate your support!

             Welcome to our family and welcome to Athena’s Artistry!

(1)Uttley L, Scope A, Stevenson M, et al. Systematic review and economic modelling of the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of art therapy among people with non-psychotic mental health disorders. Southampton (UK): NIHR Journals Library; 2015 Mar. (Health Technology Assessment, No. 19.18.) Chapter 2, Clinical effectiveness of art therapy: quantitative systematic review. Available from: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK279641/

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