How to take care of your Art Brushes

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With the launch of our first branded product, we wanted to give you 10 pro tips to take full advantage of your brushes for a LONG TIME! 

Tip 1: 

While painting, DO NOT leave your brushes face down in a cup of water! Doing this will make your brush hairs bend or fray. DO leave the brush hairs slightly upright or hanging upside down in a DRY environment. This will not only avoid your hair misshaping but also water going into the ferrule. Our paint brushes come with a strong canvas bag that can keep brushes upright while drying thanks to the strong pop up velcro enclosure!

Tip 2:

Clean your art brushes immediately after use to avoid paint drying and hair getting clumpy. Most brushes and paint will work with simple soap, dishwasher liquid, glass cleaner, or shampoo. Use lukewarm to cold water.

Tip 3:

Avoid paint on the ferrule (the metal portion of the brush). I know, it's like saying don't get wet in the poring rain. However, try to avoid it to minimal as possible because after continuous cleaning of the ferrule, the adhesive that keeps your brush hair and handle together will start messing up and you will eventually start losing bristles. The ferrule is a vital part of your brush and that is why Athena's Artistry uses the Chrome plated Brass ferrule with high quality adhesive inside for the best possible protection of the brush. You can have the best hairs on a brush but if it can't stay on the wooden handle then it is useless! 

Tip 4:

After your brushes are cleaned and air dried, put your art brushes in a secure area like a plastic box, bamboo roller, or canvas bag where it is NOT resting on the hairs. Try to avoid enclosing brushes too close together. DO NOT PUT BRUSHES IN A PLASTIC BAG. (If you REALLY want to secure your brushes, Use our canvas bags and simply place piece of paper towel in the middle of the canvas bag then close it.). 

Tip 5:

Never let paint dry on your paint brushes! EVER! This will not only make it nearly impossible to remove the paint but it will clump up your hairs and your brushes may never paint the same again.

Tip 6:

If you are in a hurry to clean your brushes, immediately after use, run them in water and squeeze the water out with 2 fingers or small compressions. Don't squeeze it like you would a sponge or cloth.

Tip 7:

Wet brushes and let it soak a little BEFORE you use it in order to really get paint on and around the bristles.

Tip 8:

Have new brushes? Run lukewarm to cold water on the brush hairs for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute and use your fingers to work in the water and its shape.

Tip 9:

If you used a carrier to transport your used brushes, open them up when you are in a safe area and fully clean the brushes and air dry them to avoid damage. Be sure to wipe down the inside of the carrier as well. Plan ahead and bring paper towels and separate the brushes.

Tip 10:

Don't cut your brush hairs, it is not a doll. Good brushes are made with a fine tip point that is vital to creating your amazing artwork!


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